The Sapient System uses machine learning to control the power supply to every device in your building.

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I can't express my thankfulness for Mario J. Wunderlich, CEO at LionMane Software, Inc.. lookup the phrase above and beyond, and you'll find it's just a LionMane Software logo.


Sam Parks

Co-Founder & CEO


Sapient Running on mobile

Sapient was trying to get a functional demo application to get their Series B funding. Their project posed several technological challenges: Data acquisition, feeding, storing and processing; interfaces that allowed the presentation of such data in an efficient, clean and yet rich way; handling huge amounts of data and scalability. These were the biggest challenges.

The data feed from power outlets had to be stored, processed and made available for query and reports. A web interface had to allow users to visualize energy usage up to the minute, showing statistics based on different categorizations.

LionMane used Amazon’s IoT support in order to connect power outlet devices to a service that allowed for a continuous and independent feed of data. The data was then handled using specialized big data storage and localized delivery services. Quick data availability for dashboards was achieved through specialized mechanisms, based on data warehouse principles. Finally, our dashboards achieved a data-focused feeling through the implementation of SVG rendering and data-driven technologies.

Sapient benefited from a close and personal customer service that allowed them to focus on the management aspects of their business. Throughout the project’s lifespan, reliable and timely support was a constant. Problem-solving was a crucial skill that came at hand multiple times. That, plus an all hands on deck policy, ensured Sapient could successfully deliver and achieve their business goals.

The developed product allowed Sapient to achieve the funding they needed to continue with their business. Additionally, LionMane contributed with ideas that stuck with the project and enriched Sapient’s business experience.


Funding Achieved
Sapient’s main purpose was to ensure they would get the funds needed in order to remain operational. UrbanX, a self proclaimed “accelerator for startups reimagining city life”, has been holding events every six months and offer to invest $100,000 on up to 10 selected companies. Sapient, looked at this opportunity and decided their company had a chance at this, if only could they get help to develop it in time. September 2018 comes and both Sapient and LionMane are present at UrbanX’s event in New York, celebration is at hand since thanks to their business partnership Sapient managed to secure a position in the event and with it the much sought after of being funded. Congratulations Sapient!
Internet of Things
Internet of things is the new Internet, also a cornerstone of Sapient’s energy management system. LionMane had the opportunity to design and implement a software architecture featuring specialized systems integrated to Amazon’s IoT and web services that allows Sapient to digest a constant stream of massive amounts of data being generated from thousands of smart outlets. At LionMane we do not only know about new technologies, we enjoy shaping systems with specialized software to produce world class solutions.
Budget Execution
LionMane’s swift development and quality driven project execution meant Sapient was able to save a whopping 40% on development budget. This is by no means a coincidence but the product of the conscious effort of bringing forth the very best and putting it to work for our client’s benefit. This is why we were able to close this project’s development on time to allow us to perform final quality and performance checks to completely ensure our client would count with a world class software product.

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